Go contactless

In a post-COVID world, going contactless is more important than ever. Share your contact-free business card securely via a QR code when meeting a new contact in person or over any video conferencing platform.

Exchange your details

Forget the days of typing your contact's details into your phone - with Zappify, they can reply with their details in an instant 're-Zapp', allowing you to save their information straight to your phone. Don't worry, your contact doesn't need to have a Virtual Business Card to be able to do this.

Be memorable

Add a personalised video to your Virtual Business Card, so your new contacts can rewatch that all important pitch.

Save time and money

No more re-designing and re-ordering business cards when something changes - make instant updates with the click of a button. Costing just £10 +VAT per year, our Virtual Business Card is one huge saving for your business.

Save the planet

Nearly 6 million trees are cut down each year to produce the world's business cards, not to mention the impact of the production and delivery process on the environment. Go paperless and help protect our planet.

Market your business

Make the best first impression by personalising your Virtual Business Card with your logo or photo, as well as options to add your website and social media handles, helping to drive that all important traffic.

Register for your Virtual Business Card

Once signed up, you will be able to add further information e.g. address details, website etc.

By registering you are confirming that you have read and agree to our Terms & Conditions (available below).

£10 plus VAT per annum.  Personalised & Branded Virtual Business Card.